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Alison Berry Wilkinson Joins Forces with MAJ

   Published on:  16 Nov, 2021

Messing Adam & Jasmine LLP is very pleased to announce the association of Alison Berry Wilkinson, in her new role as Of Counsel to MAJ. Alison will continue as principal with Berry Wilkinson Law Group, the firm she founded in 2008, while taking on new cases and challenges with MAJ.

Alison is a long-time friend of MAJ, going back to a shared history with Carroll Burdick & McDonough LLP, where she was a partner back in the day with Gary Messing. Alison’s practice has always focused on labor—representing public employees throughout the state, whether advocating on behalf of the union or representing individual members.

Alison’s practice is very much aligned with MAJ, and our association with her is a “win-win,” not only for our firms, but most especially for our clients. We look forward to you getting to know Alison as we do.