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Labor Beat Alerts

“I’m Still Standing!” The California Rule After Alameda

   Published on:  04 Aug, 2020

The biopic Rocketman concludes with Elton John’s hit “I’m Still Standing,” which was written in 1983, and signaled a sharp turnaround from a darker place in the maestro’s career. After Thursday’s decision in Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association v. Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association, the California Rule can also sing “I’m Still Standing;” however, its … continue reading

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California Supreme Court Rules That “the California Rule remains the law of California” But Still Rejects the Pension Claims of Employees and Unions

   Published on:  30 Jul, 2020

This morning, the California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association v. Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association. The 90-page opinion maintains the California Rule but found that the changes to PEPRA at issue in this case were constitutional: With respect to the merits of plaintiffs’ constitutional claim, however, we hold … continue reading

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Governor Creates Workers’ Compensation Presumption for Employees Who Contract COVID-19

   Published on:  08 May, 2020

After significant lobbying from labor advocates, including MAJ, Governor Newsom issued an executive order this week creating a workers’ compensation presumption for employees who contract “any COVID-19-related illness.” This is a significant development for first responders who, as they serve the public, have been exposing themselves to the novel coronavirus for months without any assurance … continue reading

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Takeaways From Today’s Oral Argument in Alameda Pension Case

   Published on:  05 May, 2020

Here is one observer’s view on today’s important pension rights oral argument before the California Supreme Court in Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association v. Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association: 1. Gavin is largely reading from Jerry’s playbook. The Brown Administration argued aggressively that future public employee pension benefit accruals should not enjoy constitutional protection. In … continue reading

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Alameda Pension Case Oral Argument is Tomorrow: Three Things to Watch For

   Published on:  04 May, 2020

The California Supreme Court hears oral arguments (by videoconference) tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. in Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association v. Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association (it will be the second case argued). Pension critics urge the Court to overturn the judicially-created “California Rule,” which, going back some five decades, has protected public employee pensions against … continue reading

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Coronavirus — Recommended Protective Measures for Public Employees

   Published on:  04 Mar, 2020

On behalf of our public employee clients, we are actively monitoring developments relating to the spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). One of a labor union’s primary responsibilities is to protect its members and ensure that they have the best and safest working conditions – especially when a pandemic threatens. Northern California has become an … continue reading

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Hunters Point Toxic Exposure Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of 400+ Current and Former SFPD Employees

   Published on:  13 Dec, 2019

MAJ, working with prominent plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, recently filed a massive lawsuit in federal court against environmental consulting and engineering firm Tetra Tech and several of its subsidiaries. We represent hundreds of current and former San Francisco Police Department employees who worked in, near or around Building 606 … continue reading

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Public Safety Wins Public Records Act Fight to Prevent Disclosure of Retirement Status for CalPERS Pensions

   Published on:  08 Nov, 2019

A consortium of public safety unions (Cal Fire Local 2881, California Correctional Peace Officers’ Association, California Professional Firefighters, and California Association of Highway Patrolmen) joined with CalPERS to fight a writ petition filed by Transparent California to force disclosure, under the California Public Records Act, of CalPERS retirees’ pension designations as “service,” “disability,” or “industrial … continue reading

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Gary Messing and Jason Jasmine Honored as Among Sacramento’s Best Lawyers

   Published on:  10 Sep, 2019

Messing Adam & Jasmine is proud to announce that partners Gary Messing and Jason Jasmine were selected “Best of the Bar” for 2019 by their peers and the Sacramento Business Journal. Gary and Jason were two of only a small handful of public sector Labor & Employment attorneys selected for the Business Journal honor. This … continue reading

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Air Time is Not a Constitutionally Protected Pension Benefit

   Published on:  04 Mar, 2019

Today, the California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited decision in CAL FIRE, Local 2881 v. CalPERS. The decision is 48 pages in length and offers much for further analysis. The main takeaways, for now, however, are: • The Court ruled against Local 2881, finding that “the opportunity to purchase [additional retirement service credit] was not … continue reading

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