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The Labor Beat | February 2016 | Vol. 29 No.1

   Published on:  27 Feb, 2016

Messing Adam & Jasmine is pleased to share its first issue of The Labor Beat for 2016.  See inside for news of the firm, our clients, our role in fighting for agency fees in Rebecca Friedrichs v. California Teachers’ Association, and more news that is relevant to our clients.    The Labor Beat | Vol. … continue reading

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The Labor Beat | October 2015 | Vol. 28 No. 1

   Published on:  30 Sep, 2015

Messing Adam & Jasmine continues the tradition of The Labor Beat — the full length companion to our Labor Beat Alerts — with its inaugural issue.  If you like it and don’t already subscribe, or if you have any questions about The Labor Beat, please contact Janine Oliker at: janine@majlabor.com.  The Labor Beat | Vol. 28. No. 1 … continue reading

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