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Hunters Point Toxic Exposure Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of 400+ Current and Former SFPD Employees

Posted On: December 13, 2019

MAJ, working with prominent plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, recently filed a massive lawsuit in federal court against environmental consulting and engineering firm Tetra Tech and several of its subsidiaries. We represent hundreds of current and former San Francisco Police Department employees who worked in, near or around Building 606 at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, who were exposed to radioactivity and toxic chemicals after the City leased the property from the Navy for Police Department use. Tetra Tech was charged first with investigating and reporting on all hazardous substances used, stored or disposed of at the site so the Navy could disclose a full hazardous materials history before it leased out the property to the City for use as a police tactical, evidence and crime lab facility. Tetra Tech failed on job one by, among other things, omitting any reference to the radioactive laundry facility that had been located on the site. Later, Tetra Tech was hired to clean up radioactivity and toxic chemicals at Hunters Point so that the City could purchase the base, parcel by parcel, as each parcel was cleaned up. Tetra Tech also failed on job two, culminating in recent reports that Tetra Tech widely falsified sample test results and destroyed evidence of continued contamination at the site. We are honored to represent so many members of the San Francisco police community in this important case.

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