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Yolo DSA Achieves 19% Increases

Posted On: November 4, 2022

In 2020, the Yolo County Deputy Sheriff's Association (DSA) negotiated a 3 year memorandum of understanding (MOU) on behalf of deputy sheriffs and DA investigators. The agreement provided for a 4% adjustment for deputies and a 3% increase for DA investigators in 2020. When an agreed-upon salary survey was implemented in 2021, deputies got a 3.77% raise and DA investigators picked up an additional 4.25%. Traditionally Yolo County has only compensated its employees at 95% of the average total compensation of comparable jurisdictions. However, as we recently reported, the County has now agreed to boost implemented increases from 95% of the average total compensation of comparable jurisdictions to 100% of the average of the “market." This contributed to this year’s survey resulting in a 10.06% increase for deputies and a 10.27% bump for DA investigators, retroactive to the first pay period in October 2022. Compounded, the three years of raises equals nearly 19%.

Gary Messing, who serves as chief negotiator for the Yolo DSA, was also the chief negotiator for the Yolo County Attorneys Association, which first negotiated with the County the change from 95% to 100% full market comparability. The County subsequently brought all of its employees from 95% to 100% of the average as reflected in the applicable compensation surveys.

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